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To foster community storytelling by creating opportunities for public storytelling wherever families gather – a farmers’ market, a playground, a busy sidewalk —  in order to enhance literacy outreach and family engagement. To use storytelling to raise cultural awareness and stimulate community consciousness.


performance-1Stories in the Streets targets communities in need of advancing their educational goals, increasing community engagement, and improving economic standards.

The art of storytelling teaches children and adults valuable skills from literacy development and confidence speaking in public, to understanding how to get a message across with a moving story. Stories in the Streets believes storytelling can transform a community. Storytellers are placed within a community in order to:

  1. Reach Families with Young Children: Stories in the Streets works with community partners to bring stories to wherever families gather – a farmer’s market, playground, community center or Laundromat. With tales of the world, the storytellers encourage listeners to participate in character voices, building tension or relaying a story that connects with one they have just heard.
  • 10 days of Stories in the Streets in Greater Lawrence in July and August, 2013 reached approximately 450 children and 120 adults for a cost less than $2/person.
  1. Deliver Workshops for Families: Storytellers implement or enhance a community workshop with interactive activities that help parents communicate with their children.
  • Brockton workshop for fathers and children who had been separated from them had them engaged in meaningful conversation.
  1. Provided Integrated Arts Enrichment Programs to Schools: Storytellers teach students how to create pictures in their minds and then practice sequencing, character development and suspense with oral expression before committing to the page.
  • Stories in the Streets worked with 128 2nd grade students in Lawrence in 2013/14 school year. Each student created a story around a self-designed utopia, an original animal myth and a story depicting an original god/goddess.
  • Team Storyteller work withing the schools to build a storytelling troupe that can bring storytelling into the community. In Spring 2012 Stories in the Streets worked with 8 students after-school; 4 presented in elementary classrooms, 1 was televised by Local Cable Access.
  1. Bring Community Together with Shared Storytelling Experiences: If you have lived it, you can tell it .. though often the telling requires some prompting and coaching. Stories in the Streets produces platforms for adults to share their stories in community workshop and story slams.
  • October, 2014 to April, 2015 Stories in the Streets produced monthly slams at El Taller, Lawrence, Mass encouraging adults to share short stories around an evening’s theme.


Founding Storyteller and Executive Director Nicolette Nordin Heavey began this program in 2012 to support the Greater Lawrence Community Action Council (GLCAC in Lawrence, Massachusetts) meet outreach literacy directives outlined in both the Coordinated Family and Community Engagement and Race to the Top: Early Learning Challenge grants. The program gained recognition from similar agencies in Massachusetts and is supported in Brockton, Taunton/Raynham and Randolph to meet outreach needs.


Stories in the Streets awarded the 2014 Regional Spotlight Grant from National Storytelling Association(NSN)

It is further supported by funding from these partners:

GLCAC, Lawrence, MA

Andover Cultural Council, Andover, MA

The Community Group, Lawrence, MA

Brockton Public Schools, Coordinated Family and Community Engagement, Brockton, MA

Triumph, Inc., Taunton, MA

Randolph Cultural Council, Randolph, MA


And receives promotional support from:

El Taller, Lawrence, MA

Groundworks Lawrence, Lawrence, MA

Raising A Reader, Lawrence, MA

Qniversity, Lawrence, MA

Mayor’s Office, Town of Brockton, MA

Turner Free Library, Randolph, MA