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performance-2Businesses and organizations persuade people to understand the benefits of their products and services.   Creating an emotional message that stirs your audience into action is the best way to do this. Nicolette Nordin Heavey coaches personal narrative development for students, teachers and business leaders, helping participants find their voice, capture the essence of their story and tell it with conviction.


Start-up Business Storytelling Bootcamp

Whether an actual start-up venture or a business new to the use of storytelling this 3 hour to 6 hour intensive will show participants the purpose of storytelling in their environment, and the difference between an anecdote and a story.

It is essential for business leaders who want to:

  • Shape a story to the context of the information or message needed to be conveyed;
  • Find a meaningful story that captures potential clients;
  • Develop common stories to motivate a team;
  • Grab the listener’s attention at the get-go and end with a clear call to action.


Follow Up Coaching

Via Skype, phone or in person to individuals.


Non-profit directors are in the business of changing lives. This 3 hour to 6 hour intensive helps find the most important emotional message to deliver in order to gain donors and volunteers.

It is essential for non-profits seeking to:

  • Fine-tune their mission statement;
  • Make presentations to potential donors;
  • Recruit and train volunteers;
  • Create marketing material

Follow Up Coaching

Via Skype, phone or in person to individuals.

20% of fee is a direct contribution to the 501(C )3 Stories in the Streets

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Nicolette led a dynamic and informative workshop. Our attendees felt the hands on learning and ability to do a test run of their message was truly effective. She built confidence and most importantly gave concrete tools for creating one’s very own story…… essential to making the ask for your nonprofit!

– Program Director for agency that provides professional services to non-profit organizations


From workshop participants:

“I liked best the interactive pieces that put what we learned into motion.”

“Nicolette was really able to put theory into practice.”

“The workshop reminded me of how powerful stories can be, how they raise the level of empathy, and provide understanding.”


Clients include:

Jericho Road, Lawrence, MA

ClearEdge Partners, Newton Upper Falls, MA

Boys and Girls Club, Lowell, MA